South Florida teachers train for active shooter situations

While many students enjoyed their summer vacation, some South Florida teachers spent theirs learning how to react in the event of an active shooter situation.

Joe Robaina heads Miami’s COBRA self-defense chapter, which according to the company is based on law enforcement guidelines.

Robaina said more and more teachers are paying for active shooter training,

“As a teacher they are looking to me, I’m mom. They are looking to see what I’m going to do or what I’m going to do and they’re going to follow,” said Adrienne Gomez, who has been a teacher for 17 years.

The training includes finding protection in the classroom, getting students to safety and if necessary, how to engage the shooter.

“I hope to have a little skill set to be able to do that first response, what should I do to get them as safe as possible to get them out of that situation,” said Lyda Carreras-Grundler, who has taught for 18 years.

Several schools also practice lockdown procedures with law enforcement agencies in preparation for a real emergency.

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