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COBRA Gold Teen Safe Self Defense & College Preparedness 2-Day Immersion (3 Spots Remaining)

August 9, 2019 @ 6:30 pm - August 10, 2019 @ 4:00 pm

The COBRA Gold Solution To The Problem of Self Defense and Personal Safety That Trains Teens & College Bound Students To Walk Empowered for All Their Days and Provides Parents Peace of Mind…In Just 2 Days.

PLUS BONUS: Includes Vehicle  Anti-Abduction Training & The COBRA Active Shooter Response Plan Training on Saturday!

Specifically aimed at the needs of teens and college students who need to be fully trained quickly.

This group is statistically considered a major “easy target’, naive about real world violence and constantly bombarded with distractions and creative ways of getting in trouble with the Predators who target them.

Teen Safe Training provides the cognitive, verbal, and physical skills that give Teens the ability to respond decisively and confidently to survive any encounter without being paralyzed by fear and the shock of the moment.  They will know exactly what to say and do and have dominion over the decision making process under the stress of the moment.

The Teen Safe Immersion curriculum focuses on topics and scenarios that make Teens easy targets for criminals and  Best of all… all we need is 10 hours over 2 days to ingrain the training in the nerve system.

Here’s a Few of the Skills Teens and College Students Will Walk Out With:

  • You’ll Go From Being Easy Target To Zero Target: You’ll Know the Exact Formula Criminals Use To Target Teens and How To Instantly Register as a Bad Idea In Their Minds.
  •  Make Life Saving Decisions Quickly Without Hesitation: Avoid being paralyzed with fear and respond quickly under the duress of any assault to save your life
  • How To Profile Criminals and Determine what they really want quickly: Increase Awareness and Self Defense IQ 200%. You’ll know exactly what to say and do in ANY situation.
  • AVOID Being Taken: You will have 7 layers of anti-abduction training including vehicle anti-abduction which forces criminals to abort the attempt and flee the scene.
  • How To Survive A Home Invasion: Know exactly what to do if an intruder breaks into your home and you are alone and what will give you the 90% probability of surviving the encounter
  • Defenses & Strategies To Avoid Rape: Gain instant leverage over an attacker even if you’ve been taken to the ground
  • Defenses Against Knife Attacks: Lear how to survive this most dreaded assault and a surprising tool that can give you instant leverage, (Nope, not a gun).
  • Defenses Against Firearms: Most people will freeze up when surprised by a gun assalut in a prking lot or anywhere.  You will have the exact mental, verbal , and physical skills that give you the 90% probability of surviving.

The hallmark is the Live Scenario role playing under duress with experienced instructors along with the physical skill sets to survive a violent encounter.

All parents/guardians will receive the COBRA Defense Teen Safe  Parent Resource Guide full of invaluable information on how to support Teen Safe & College Training strategies.

Here’s What Parents & Teens Say About This Invaluable Training:

PLEASE DO THIS FIRST: Parents & Students are required to participate in the 1.5 hr NO-COST SELF DEFENSE POWER CLASS which is the foundation training for this course.  The course is Free of charge, however you must register by calling 800-289-8188 or texting TEENSAFE to 305-745-7839

BONUS: The Teen Safe Training Includes The Complete COBRA Active Shooter Response Plan Training on Friday 6:30pm-7:45pm. This training is a must for students especially those going away to college.

For Details Please Call: 800-289-8188.

ALSO: If you cannot attend the scheduled training,  please call us for other dates and availability BEFORE They leave to College!

Next Step: Please call 800-289-8188  or text TEENSAFE to 305-745-7839 to schedule your No-Cost Self Defense Power Class.







August 9, 2019 @ 6:30 pm
August 10, 2019 @ 4:00 pm
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