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Cane Self Defense: Cane At Home 6 Week Challenge!

July 13 @ 11:00 am - August 20 @ 11:30 am

LIVE Virtual Cane At Home Training with

ACSD Founder Joe Robaina!

Mondays-Thursdays 11am-11:30am Eastern.

ALL Sessions Recorded So You Can Access

If Can’t Attend Live!

Discover the Power of The Cane and Never Walk In Fear Again!

Experience what Caners around the world have discovered:
Cane Training can and will change your life  in as little as 15 min/day.
BUT….Like everything else, you have to know what you’re doing AND you need to do it CONSISTENTLY.
Bottom Line: If you’re forced to stay home, Cane Training can:
  • Offset Boredom and Keep You Sane During This Time (No one likes being cooped up)
  • Grant You Instant Equalizer Self Defense Skills- The Cane is The #1 Instant Equalizer
  • Improve Anti-Aging Fitness Components – Balance, Hand-Eye Coordination, Agility, Flexibility etc
  • Brain Food: Cane Spinning in particular is a phenomenal brain workout to help offset aging
  • It’s Just Plain Fun & Cool…Not To Mention The Great Caner Universe Community is the Best!
So to help you do something productive, get in some enjoyable exercise, and offset all the negativity going around…
​​​​​​​ ACSD Founder Joe Robaina will personally initiate YOU and a small Group of Caners with LIVE online training to ensure you enhance your Cane Skills, Establish A Consistent
Home Cane Training Practice, and Earn Your First Cane Rank…in an Enjoyable and Fun Manner!
  • Powershot Template for Instant Self Defense
  • Drills to Increase Cane Skills
  • Cane Fitness Workout
  • The Power Shot Form/Exercise
  • The LEADER Rank Combat Cane Spinning Curriculum
  • At the end of the 6 Weeks, Joe & the ACSD Staff Staff will Evaluate You online in Groups of 5, so you will have completed all requirements for the Combat Cane Spinning Society’s LEADER Rank and you will have established a regular Cane Practice that is enjoyable to stick with and you can even help us introduce others to the Cane in your community!
  • You’re new to the Cane, have zero experience, and have not earned your First Cane Rank  (Leader) Yet.
  • You Want to Do Something Productive for YOU, your health and your safety during these times.
  • You’re not a newbie to the Cane, but still haven’t earned your first Rank.
  • You want to establish a consistent At-Home Cane Training Program but don’t know how to do that.
  • You want a structured training program so you know exactly what to do every time you pick up your Cane.
  • You’ve been thinking of helping US introduce the Cane to others. You will have the credentials to do that upon completion of this 6 Week Cane At-Home Challenge.
By the way, ALL Live Sessions will be recorded so if you miss anything, you can still access it.
We even have a  “Cane At Home 6 Week Challenge” Private Facebook Support Group where we can all gather and support each other.  Expect weekly motivation and accountability to ensure you cross the finish line and earn your first Cane Rank in 6 Weeks.
This challenge is slashed  $200, so it’s an easy $97 all inclusive of 6 weeks plus rank certificates, bands, plus we always throw in high value bonuses 😉
We limit enrollment to just 25 Caners to serve you best.
So Are You In? 
Grab Your Spot Here:


July 13 @ 11:00 am
August 20 @ 11:30 am

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