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Men’s COBRA Gold “Alpha-Protector” 10Hr Elite Training!

December 21, 2018 @ 9:00 am - December 26, 2018 @ 5:00 pm

The Men’s COBRA Gold Alpha Team 10-, COBRA Elite Training: Last of 2018!

The  NAVY SEAL & SWAT Training for Civilians

10 Mighty Men Will Acquire The  Skills That Allow Them To Confidently  Become Protectors of  What They Love The Most…In Just 10 Hours….

Will YOU Be One of Them?

The Unique Men’s COBRA Gold 10hr “Alpha-Protector” Immersion Training.

Taught By Joe Robaina, World Class COBRA Elite Immersion Trainer, COBRA Defense Regional Director who has worked with the biggest and the best.

Here’s your chance to join a brotherhood of action takers looking to step up and become the  “Alpha-Protectors” of their families and everything they care about. Society has convinced men their main purpose is to be financially successful at the expense of the most important skill set they could have for today’s world: The ability to protect themselves and their families. Men have lost their identity as Protectors and simply do not have the training to respond under the stress of an assault or violent encounter to save their lives or their loved ones.

Here’s your opportunity to immerse yourself in the exciting, acclaimed and eye-opening C.O.B.R.A.™ reality self-defense system that is most effective at preparing you for real world violence. It’s easy to learn regardless of your previous experience.

The “Alpha-Protector” Immersion is a 2-Day Intensive training for men, carried out in SWAT format and will cover basic, intermediate, and advanced self-defense techniques. Including, but not limited to: striking, escapes, weapons defense, Improvisational Self defense tools, ground defense, survival training, your role as the alpha-protector of your family, what to teach your family so you step up as the leader of your clan, and our hallmark real life scenario training.

What’s Included:

  •  10 hours of small group SWAT level training, with Joe Robaina, 10 live reality based scenarios of “Alpha-Protector” training so you attain the Gold standard in self defense training in half the time!
  • Official COBRA Defense Training manual
  • Official COBRA “Alpha Team 10” Gold  graduation certificate
  • Official C.O.B.R.A. Gold™ “Protector” Alpha-Team 10 Graduation t-shirt (Can Only Be Earned, Cannot Be Purchased)
  • The Matrix Final Experience- The Final Evaluation Everyone Calls “Unforgettable”. This experience is what convinces your nerve system, you’re not a victim and can handle any situation, fearlessly and with complete confidence.
  • 1) Active Shooter Response Plan Training (includes vouchers for your immediate family) -$399 Value
  • 2) COBRA Online College: Access the Training 24/7 for maximum retention and referencing – $360 Value

What You’ll Learn:

  • The critical mental, verbal, and physical skill sets to survive life and death scenarios (Martial Arts Can’t Give You This Training. You’ll know exactly how to handle everything from a home invasion, to a bar fight, to gun pointed at your head.
  • The ability to know what to say and do under the stress of any verbal or physical assault so you can confidently and effectively protect yourself and your family.-Never Walk in Fear Again.
  • How to by-pass the adrenalin response so you don’t “freeze” up but rather explode to save your life or your loves ones.
  • The physical skill sets to protect your family in a home invasion scenario and how to implement an “Alpha-Plan” in your home that will immediately have an intruder fleeing for their lives.
  • The 7 protective layers and physical skill sets of Anti-Abduction you must teach your family.
  • What To Do If You and/or Your Family Are Being Abducted in a Vehicle (You will learn the actual vehicle anti-abduction strategies)
  • Defenses against all forms of  grabs and punches that will have your assailant begging for mercy in 3 seconds or less.
  • Criminal Profiling and Pre-Attack Indicators: Know how to determine quickly what a criminal really wants, when he’s about to attack, and how to drop him in his tracks.
  • Discover the 4 types of “bad guys”, how they think, and the one you and your family need to be most aware of so you never give him a chance to strike.
  • If you carry a firearm: How to be the “quickest draw”, even if you are ambushed. This is VITAL for all who carry concealed!
  • Defending against a knife: Why it’s the most dangerous attack and the physical skill sets that will give you the BEST probability of survival in over 250 cases of knife assaults.
  • Defenses against a gun from any angle: learn the physical skill sets that will shock your assailant.  Learn exactly what to say and do if someone is pointing a gun at you.
  • How To Turn ANY inanimate object into a self defense tool and the ones your family can carry safely and legally without a license or raising an eyebrow.
  • How To Weaponize Your Body and Get In The Best Shape of Your Life Without Spending Hours at the Gym.
  • How To Apply Your New “John Wick” Skills To Everything You Do, So You Excel At What Matters Most To You!

Think about the most expensive thing you own.  Your home, car, boat, jewelry… I guarantee you’ve insured most of those items. The question is what have you done to insure your personal safety or that of your families?  All those inanimate objects are replaceable.  Your life and the ones you love the most are NOT replaceable.

We all have invested many times the cost of this training in everything from inanimate objects to vacations.

Nothing wrong with that, we all do it. We know money will come around again.

Yet you only have ONE life on school house earth.

Now it’s time to step up as the “Alpha-Protectors” we were wired to be and offer our families the invaluable peace of mind you deserve .

Check out what COBRA Gold  “Alpha Protector” Graduates and other  World Class Protectors  say about Joe Robaina and the COBRA Gold Training Experience:

“Having actively served overseas in the US military, private sector hazardous security duty and 29 years in law enforcement, I believe I have gained sufficient experience and knowledge of what an effective self-defense system consists of.  Being an instructor myself and former SWAT Commander, undoubtedly I can pronounce that Joe Robaina is one of the best self-defense trainers I have collaborated with in my career.

 I took the dare to visit and participate in several dojos in the area before we found Joe Robaina and his C.O.B.R.A  Defense Training Center.  I immediately took notice that the teaching presented was “no-nonsense” and had a grounded and serious foundation to all aspects of the material.  Alertness, detection, evasion, communication and escape were paramount goals instead of just addressing the typical “fighting sequences” presented as the “only” way to respond to danger. 

Joe Robaina and his staff’s dedication to self-defense are truly remarkable.  Words alone cannot express the impact this organization and this man has had on my son and his confidence level at nearly every aspect of his life.

My family is truly blessed and honored to be considered part of the C.O.B.R.A family. I strongly recommend this organization to anyone seeking quality self-defense training.”

Ray Melcon

Miami Dade Police Dept, Major, District Commander

Miami International Airport Police Commander

“In my work as a government consultant, I travel to many troubled places in the world where I feel a need for greater personal security. After carefully evaluating my options, I learned that Joe Robaina is one of the two specialists in cane defense and the best possible instructor. Twelve months ago I began training privately with Grandmaster Robaina at his studio in Miami for several hours of private instruction each week.

– my instruction works around  my physical limitations,

GM Robaina is patient and understanding but focused and a true professional

– my training centers on self-defense and “street combat” scenarios which closely replicate my real my world travel experiences on airplanes, trains, restaurants, crowded streets, etc.,

– my sessions  never exceed my limitations.

– my learning has happened very quickly. After several weeks of training, I felt a new level of confidence.

– GM Robaina tailors each session to my interests and needs.

I am pleased to enthusiastically recommend training with Joe Robaina and his Elite C.O.B.R.A. Defense  private training system.

H. Keith Melton, U.S. Consultant, Central Intelligence Agency


“Choosing a self-defense or fitness instructor is one of the most important investments you could make. It’s a major decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  If you want a great return on your training investment picking the best brand and Instructors is critical. In the greater Miami area COBRA Instructor Joe Robaina has become a heavy hitting trail blazer. I have personally worked with Joe on many occasions not just training inside his facility but on corporate and Law enforcement active shooter training events. Joe is a seasoned instructor with decades of experience.  Joe is an excellent instructor and extremely professional no matter who his audience is. With many media appearances , one being on an international station, Joe Robaina has been the go to self-defense and fitness professional in the Miami area for a long time. He has such an impact in his area not only with his student body but also major corporation he has trained like Royal Caribbean cruise lines. You know you are dealing with a top tier instructor when inside of one week  they can teach self-defense / fitness / personal training to  kids,  adults, large corporations , law enforcement personal and be featured in the news. I personally recommend Joe Robaina  for any and all self-defense / fitness/ corporate training if you are looking for a great return on your investment.

Chris Sutton

Founder & Executive Director

C.O.B.R.A. Defense International




COBRA Self Defense Miami with Joe Robaina at the helm is outstanding.  When i wanted to get into self defense , particularly due to the violence we see in our world now, I looked up Joe.

I went to visit him last year and was hooked.  I signed up for private lessons and haven’t looked back since.  I am now entering my Elite CFS Training.

Joe’s team and his ability to translate complex moves into easier structures (think something for the layman) is what really makes this program outstanding.

Don’t be confused, this is not martial arts like Taekwondo etc. where your time is spent memorizing moves in a mirror over and over again….

THIS IS HANDS ON IMMEDIATE THREAT REMOVAL.  Whatever it takes to defend yourself and your family from harm by the bad guys (or gals). No fussing around but quick decisive , to the point , defensive measures.

You are also taught the psychological aspect to self defense which is, even at times, more important than the physical.

Joe’s ability along with the COBRA program teaches the methods to the average person who is time constrained due to career, family responsibilities, etc. is a WINNER

Tony Garcia

COBRA Gold Graduate 2017

YES, Joe! –  I want to walk away with the self-defense skill set to defeat criminals intent on harming me or my family. I want these skills engrained in my subconscious and nerve system, in the FASTEST Time possible,  so they’re  readily available at any time… anywhere….in any situation.

Remaining Available Days/Times 2018:

Dec. 21, 22, 26 AM & PM


COBRA Gold Immersion training is led by world class COBRA  Elite & Corporate trainer,  COBRA Regional Director Joe Robaina and his  A-Team of COBRA Certified Instructors.   Combining technology with hands-on individualized attention, your learning experience is unsurpassed.


Accelerated and Efficient…Think of it as SWAT Training for Civilian Men.

Our specialty is imparting reality based self-defense skills sets in record time.   To that end we use a teaching methodology that accelerates your learning of the material. Our “ Battle Ready Application Method”  helps you master and retain your skills 200%  faster!

Our professional training team emphasizes safety first, so you don’t get hurt or injured as in other martial art-type training. And rest assured, this is NOT military-style, talk down to you training either.  Because it is fashioned after police/SWAT academy training, everyone goes through the same training, achieves transformational results and…your training experience culminates in an unforgettable “Matrix Experience” that is amazingly empowering.

Class size:

Attendance for this training is limited to 10  participants at any given time depending on  to ensure personalized attention for each student. COBRA Certified Instructors and COBRA Gold Graduates actually work with you throughout your training. It’s an unparalleled learning experience.

Health & Injuries:

You should communicate injuries or health challenges during application and reservation of your spot. Our qualified staff will determine eligibility and may require medical clearance if deemed necessary.

Age Requirements:

This training is specifically tailored to adult men. Participants must be 21 years or older because C.O.B.R.A. Training deals with reality based scenarios and mature topics not appropriate for children. As an alternative for those under 21, our training center offers the COBRA 10 Week Academy for Adults and Teens. We also offer a COBRA Kids  curriculum for ages 6-12. Please call 800-289-8188 for details.

All classes are conducted in athletic street clothes in an academy atmosphere.

Limited spots available. First come, first served.


Apply To Become A COBRA Gold “Alpha-Team 10 Protector”  –

Fill out our online form or CALL 800-289-8188 for an application.

PLEASE NOTE- There are two ways to be accepted into the COBRA Gold  Alpha-Protector Immersion Training:

  1. By Referral of A COBRA Gold Graduate OR
  2. Attendance of a No-Cost Alpha-Protector Power Class (private or group)- Please Call 800-289-8188 to schedule.

Since we accept 10 men per training schedule,  we work only with decision makers and those mentally ready for the Protector Transformation.

When you call, you will answer a short 5 Question application that let’s us know if you’re a good fit for the training at this time.

You may request your NO-COST Protector Power Class & application by  Calling 800-289-8188

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The Gold Standard for Real-World Self Defense Training Anyone Can Do!



Don’t Be a Victim! Be Smart. Be Safe. Be Empowered.



December 21, 2018 @ 9:00 am
December 26, 2018 @ 5:00 pm
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COBRA Defense Miami


C.O.B.R.A. Defense Miami
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Miami, 33144
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